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What we do....

We can provide hardware and software support, Server and P.C upgrades, or set your company up with a total solution like the Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard or Essentials. This will give you everything you need to get your "Small Business" securely networked with the benefits of Remote File Access, Active Directory, File and Print Sharing. You can also benefit from Microsoft hosted email with Office 365 Business Essentials starting at £4.50 per month per user. We can migrate your old Small Business Server 2008/2011 to Microsoft 365 with in-house Hyper-V Windows 2022 server for complete flexibility. We can also move all your data into the cloud using Microsoft Teams where only team members can see/edit their team files (so you can still have file restrictions to certain departments i.e. finance, HR, sales etc. So maybe you can live without an in-house server and the expense of its upkeep?

Project Work....

You tell us what you wish to achieve and we can recommend what hardware and software you would need to complete your project. 

We can then help you to install your new system or take control of the project completely and hand it back to you upon completion. 

We can also supply the necessary training to allow your own staff to maintain the newly installed equipment, or of course we can provide ongoing support.

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