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You tell us what you wish to achieve and we can recommend what hardware and software you would need to complete your project. 

We can then help you to install your new system or take control of the project completely and hand it back to you upon completion. 

We can also supply the neccessary training to allow your own staff to maintain the newly installed equipment, or of course we can provide ongoing support.


Desktops & Servers

With many years of experience running corporate server rooms, implementing desktop P.C's and laptop solutions we are in a good position to make recommendations as to "what you will need to run that application". 

We can even plan and project manage that new comms room installation with fault tolerant air conditioning, server racking and backup power supplies.


If you wish we can install all equipment for you with a detailed implementation plan and will follow up the installation with back-office support for the servers, and desktop support plans for the P.C's and notebooks. 

We have established good links with our recommended suppliers and can negotiate very favourable terms for you.

Software & Hardware

With the experience of a good many years in the corporate environment we have a good understanding of the products in the marketplace to make your systems secure and as safe from virus's as possible. 

We can install anti-virus solutions at all levels of the business ladder, from a solution for a single desktop to a centrally managed domain wide solution like Trend Worry Free Business Security or Symantec Endpoint Security. 
We also install anti-virus software that is installed on the MS Exchange mail server that will help stop the email enabled virus from spreading throughout the client base i.e Trend Scanmail 

We also recommend and implement backup hardware and software so that if disaster does strike, with a properly implemented recovery plan we can get your systems back up and running with minimum downtime and without data loss. 

A good UPS solution with a controlled shutdown procedure in case of a power cut can also help prevent damage to that all important data. 

Of course we can recommend and supply any additional hardware such as hard disk drives, memory modules, etc


We provide support for all areas of IT hardware. This is to include servers, workstations, laptops, printers, switches, routers, firewalls and cabling. 

We support most Microsoft Operating Systems, Office Suites and software packages from many other manufacturers. 

We can offer a support package to suit you at a pre-determined monthly cost. With telephone assistance and various guaranteed on-site attendance times such as 4hr, 8hr and 24hr from 9am-5pm to 24hr x 7day depending on your requirements. 

We can also offer a one-off call out to your office at very reasonable rates.

Wireless Networking

We can install a complete home wireless network at your home at your convenience. No longer be tied to that small upstairs boxroom, feel free to take your laptop down to the living room, out into the garden or anywhere else that you may choose. We can install dual band wireless MESH networks that can provide realistic speeds of up to 900 Mb/s.

If you already have broadband installed using a standard USB modem, we can use that connection to provide Internet connectivity to every room in the house. No wires, no mess!

Imagine those days that you spend working from home not being tied to one location, you can connect via VPN to the office server to access company files or to check email wirelessly.

You can also share the home printer and print wirelessly to it from any location.

We also make sure that the wireless connection is a secure as possible by using WPA2 encryption keys, MAC Address restriction, etc so that only you will be able to share the network with those that should be using it

Secure Data Erasure

We offer a totally secure way of erasing data from hard disk drives. Normal formatting of disk drives just deletes the file allocation table (FAT) and the data could be accessed by some-one with the correct tools. 

The specialist software that we use, overwrites every track, sector and cylinder with random data making the disks former information unrecoverable using any current technology. 
The hard disk can be formatted to the FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS file system during the erasure process. 
Secure data erasure is suitable for companies or individuals that require a fast and absolutely secure way of removing classified or sensitive data from the hard drive. 

We offer a data cleansing service for a single home P.C, or a complete office environment. 

Our Data erasure service comes complete with a "certificate of erasure" for the computer and lists such detail as Computer Name, Model, Serial No. Processor type, Make and Model of HDD's, Memory, Assett no, etc.


We can plan and provide a complete new network infrastructure for your business. 

We will document and install for you the back-bone and peripheral devices required to give you a reliable and scaleable new network using high quality switches, routers and firewalls. 

We can compare and recommend the latest fibre broadband, FTTP & leased line services from many Internet Service Providers (ISP's) with a product that will suit the needs of your business both now and in the future. Whatever service you decide on, we will manage and install the neccessary components so that your internet connection runs reliably and efficiently. 

You can get on with running your business while we take care of the more time consuming technical tasks.


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